OLI: LE BAL DES LUCIOLES (Oli:The Dance of the Firefles)

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While sleepwalking, Pacou leads his little sister and his friend Oli onboard a mysterious train where they run into a magician named Oudinia. She has misplaced her magic powder that will cure her fireflies of a sickness that is stopping them from glowing in the dark. The success of her show depends on it! But first, she has to get to the fireflies who are hiding in an old abandoned palace, and she needs the help of our three friends. Are Oli, Pacou, and Cachou up for this new challenge?
Author/Illustrator: Richard Houde, Pierre Houde
Number of pages: 32


This comic book is for progressing readers. It features rich images and large-font text, with short and simple sentences.  

Sample Sentence: Je suis vraiment excité ce soir. Je pase la nuit chez Pacou et Cachou.