LES GRANDES VIES: NELSON MANDELA (Great Lives: Nelson Mandela)

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Relentless opposition to apartheid and political leader, Nelson Mandela led a life of fighting against injustice. From his prison cell to becoming the president of South Africa, his path was one of struggle for equality for black people. Discover the incredible courage and history of a country at war for freedom, through the story of the life of a politically active and humanistic man.
At the back of this book, you will find a glossary (in French) for the political terminology used.
Author/Illustrator: Isabel Thomas, Hannah Warren
Number of pages: 64


This book is for an intermediate to advanced reader. It features short paragraphs which are accompanied by attractive illustrations but uses a richer vocabulary and treats a more mature subject matter.

Sample Sentence:  Nelson remercie tous ceux qui sont mobilisés pour la libération partout dans le monde. Il demande à tous les Sud-Africains d’oeuvrer ensemble pour la paix.