MON TRÈS GRAND HERBIER DU CANADA (My Big Book of Canadian Plants)

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What does a black spruce look like? What is the tallest tree in Canada? What is the most important role of the white water lily? What is the name of the fruit that a bur oak produces? Why does poison ivy affect human health?
The answers to all of these questions and many more await in this large collection of Canadian plants, richly illustrated with drawings and exceptional photography.
You will come to learn all about the 72 Canadian plants and trees presented in this book, thanks to the detailed information you will find each one’s description, habitat, distinct characteristics, and usage. Canadian flora unveiled!  At the end of this book, you will also find out how to make your own herbarium by collecting dried leaves.
Number of pages: 94


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. You will find detailed information and vocabulary specific to plants and Canadian habitats, but the text is written clearly and succinctly. There is also a glossary in the back (in French) to help with some of the more technical vocabularies.

Sample Sentence: Le célastre grimpant est, comme son nom l'indique, une plante qui grimpe un peu partout: sur les arbres, les arbustes, les clôtures,  etc. Ses feuilles sont simples et meurent entre 5 et 10 centimètres.