LES GRANDES VIES: MARIE CURIE (Great Lives: Marie Curie)

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Why is Marie Curie a science superstar?
She is the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her revolutionary discoveries around radioactivity. A young polish woman who studied in Paris, Marie Curie demonstrated courage throughout her life. But the price she paid for her dedication to science was high…
Meet one of the most important scientific figures through the story of the life of an independent and passionate woman.
At the back of this book, you will find a glossary (in French) for the scientific terminology used.
Author/Illustrator: Isabel Thomas, Hannah Warren
Number of pages: 64


This book is for an intermediate to advanced reader. It features short paragraphs which are accompanied by attractive illustrations but uses a richer vocabulary and treats a more mature subject matter.

Sample Sentence: La vie de Marie Curie ressemble à un conte de fées - avec ses joies et ses peines, ses combats et ses victoires.