LILI B BROWN MYSTÈRE: LA MAISON HANTÉ (Lily B. Brown Mysteries: The Haunted House)

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Lili and friends are the founders of the “Secret Club of Puzzles and Mysteries”! The only problem is that they don’t have any mysteries to solve...that is until Lili remembers the old decrepit house at the end of the street. It has always intrigued her. Who lives there? A witch or a ghost perhaps? It will be up to the SCPM to find out!
Author: Sally Rippin
Number of pages: 160


This book is for intermediate readers who are comfortable with short chapter books. It has minimal images, large font and is written in a simple and clear style.

Sample Sentence:
Le lendemain, Lili ne peut s’empêcher de penser à cette étrange dame. Et si c’était réellement une sorcière?