LES VÉTÉRINAIRES - DRÔLE DE BOULOT! (Veterinarians - Funny Jobs Series)

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Veterinarians have always captivated the interest of children. But do kids really know what the job entails?  Both younger and older readers will enjoy discovering the unknown aspects of what it means to be a veterinarian! At the back of this book, you will find multiple choice questions (in French) to check for understanding and a web URL where you can check your answers.
Author/Illustrator: Louise Tondreau-Levert, Catherine Petit
Number of pages: 32


This book is for progressing readers. There are less than 600 words, many of which will be familiar, but there are some more challenging adjectives and technical words related to the profession. This book also features some rhymes.

Sample Sentence: Le vétérinaire s’occupera de la maman et de ses nouveau-nés. Tout le monde rentra à la maison une fois sur pied, et, après quelque temps, les chiots reviendront à la clinique pour y être vaccinés.