LES MOHAWKS ET LES ANIMAUX PROTECTEURS (The Mohawks and the Animal Protectors)

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The Kanienkehakas, known today as the Mohawks, lived long ago in a village named Kanienke. Each of the clans that they belonged to carried the name of the animal who protected them: there was the turtle clan, the bear clan, and the wolf clan.
At the back of this book, you will find a  glossary (in French).
Author/Illustrator: Michel Noël, Joanne Ouellet
Number of pages: 32


This book is for progressing to intermediate readers. It is a short story, but one that uses language in a poetic way to talk about the beauty of the earth and First Nations traditions.

Sample Sentence: Le soleil fera bientôt fondre la neige, et deux aigles apparaîtront dans le ciel. Ce sera le signal qu’il est temps de récolter à nouveau l’eau des érables.