LES ENQUÊTES D’ANATOLE BRISTOL (T.2) - MYSTÈRES ET VISAGES PÂLES (The Investigations of Anatole Bristol V.2)

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Volume 2 of the Anatole Bristol series. Anatole and Philo are doing some investigating at an Indigenous campsite...the one where their teacher took them for a week of environmental education. But things just aren’t going right. The disappearances and mysterious events continue to add up...Is there a detective in the class who can help?
Please note, this book does not include multiple endings like volume 1.
Author/Illustrator: Sophie Laroche, Carine Hinder
Number of pages: 86


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers (suggested ages 10+). You will find some images throughout, but it is mostly text and features a rich vocabulary. This book is slightly more advanced than the first volume.

Sample Sentence: Ils ont fini par s’endormir et j’ai sorti mon cahier de brouillon pour y noter les évènements de la journée. Même si j’avais perdu mon journal, il fallait que je garde une trace écrite de tout ce qui se passait dans ce camp si je voualis en percer les mystères.