LES ENQUÊTES D’ANATOLE BRISTOL (The Investigations of Anatole Bristol)

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In class CM2, you are friends with Anatole Bristol, the famous school investigator. When the headmaster, M. Caron, announces that he’s going to organize a night at school, you can’t believe it! Some students think there’s a ghost that roams the halls at night...and during the day? You wonder, as you notice that mysterious things are happening as the big night approaches. To find out the truth, it’s up to you to lead the investigation with Anatole and your assistant Philo!
The path you take is up to you as you continue the adventure! The choice is yours! Re-read again and again as you change your path!
Author/Illustrator: Sophie Laroche, Carine Hinder


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. It is mostly text-based with some small images throughout.

Sample Sentence: Noé est entré dans le batîment et vous êtes sur ses pas. Il traverse le couloir, rejoint les escaliers.