LE LOUP QUI VOULAIT ÊTRE UN SUPER-HÉROS (The Wolf Who Wanted to Be a Super-Hero)

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Today, Loup has a super idea: what if he becomes a superhero? He puts on his costume and transforms into Super-Extra-Fabuloup! All that’s left is to find someone to save….Sound easy? Not for a super-klutz!
Author/Illustrator: Orianne Lallemand, Éléonore Thuillier
Number of pages: 32


This book is good for intermediate readers. The illustrations allow children to pull meaning from the story, but the text combines simple phrases with advancing vocabulary.

Sample Sentence: Sans perdre un instant, Loup fonça entre les arbres et déboucha près de la rivière. Louve et ses amis jouaient à la balle dans l’eau.