LE JOURNAL SECRET D’ALICE AUBRY (The Secret Journal of Alice Aubry)

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The night before her first day of grade 5, Alice Aubry decides to start writing in her journal about her life at home and at school...
Dear journal, tomorrow is back to school! I wonder who will be in my class...It would be so cool to be with Marie-Ève (my BFF)! And an absolute horror to have to put up with Gigi Foster (my worst enemy).
Author: Sylvie Louis
Number of pages: 512


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. It features some images and comic strips throughout the book, as well as special fonts to attract attention and put emphasis on certain words. It is written clearly and simply.

Sample Sentence: Cher journal, demain, c’est la rentrée! Je me demande qui se retrouvra dans ma classe..