LE GRAND LIVRE DE GO GIRL: TROP HOT (TOME 3) (The Big Book of Go Girl: Too Hot (v.3))

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Real girls. Real Stories.
Three hilariously fun stories in one book, stories about girls just like you.
1 -  Back to School: Maude is nervous about the idea of going back to school. She will have to get used to her teacher and new subjects. But she never thought she would have difficulty with math. Are all the other students smarter than her?
2 - The New Girl: Zoé can’t wait to meet Isabelle, the new girl at school. What’s she like? Will they be friends? But when Isabelle starts being mean to Zoé, Zoé is torn between getting revenge and standing up for herself and showing Isabelle what it means to be a real friend.
3 - Between Boys and Girls: The girls know what to do when they disagree - they talk about it! But when the boys at school start being mean to Isabelle, she doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. Why can’t the boys act like girls do?
Number of pages: 524


This book is for intermediate readers. This book uses short sentences, large font, and short chapters to encourage reading and develop confidence.  

Sample Sentence: Au son de la musique, toute la classe se met à chanter. Annabelle, Victoria et Béatrice commencent à danser.