LE GRAND LIVRE DE GO GIRL: TROP COOL (Tome 2) (The Big Book of Go Girl: Too Cool (v.2.))

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Real girls. Real Stories.
Three hilariously fun stories in one book, stories about girls just like you.
1 - Lunch recess: Mimi likes to play soccer with her friends during lunch. But when one of the boys says she’s too slow to play, it seems that everything is changing. Will Mimi’s plan work to make lunch recess fun again?
2 - Family Vacation: Aurélie is excited to go on vacation with her family, but her little brother is acting like a spoiled brat. Will they be able to enjoy their vacation despite Lucas’ bad behaviour?
3- Torture Camp: Each time Sophie has a chance to make a wish, she wishes for the same thing - for her friends to get along. Since she was changed into another class, Sophie has made a new friend. But with the school trip coming up, will she have to choose between her oldest friend and her new best friend?
Number of Pages: 523


This book is for intermediate readers. This book uses short sentences, large font, and short chapters to encourage reading and develop confidence.

Sample Sentence: Son père ne lui permet pas souvent de manger des friandises. Elle doit donc être discrète.