LE COLÈRE DES DRAGONS (T.2): LA TOUR DE L’OUBLI (The Wrath of the Dragons V.2)

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Always accompanied by Noffuob, Ervaël goes to the Tower of the Forgotten in Organdi, to free Léna before she executed. But the prison is empty: the young girl has disappeared! Betrayed, the king of the dragons finds himself being hunted down by his enemies...who can he still trust?
Author/Illustrator: Éric Sanvoisin, Jérémie Fleury
Number of pages: 60


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. It is a short chapter book, featuring multiple characters, mythical places, as well as some colourful images throughout.

Sample Sentence: Au beau milieu de la nuit, une dizaine de silhoutttes, silencieuses comme des fantômes, transversent la ville. Elles étaient toutes habillées de vêtments sombres et masquées.