L’INCROYABLE VOYAGE DE CHRISTOPHE COLOMB (The Incredible Voyage of Christopher Columbus)

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In 1492, Alonzo, a young Spanish sailor, sets off on the ship of Admiral Christopher Columbus to explore the Indies.
During the long months of navigating the often raging sea, he will discover that life on board is full of waiting, hopes and also doubts…
The astonishing journey of the most famous explorer of his time, told by a young sailor navigating the seas on the mythical Santa Maria.
Author/Illustrator: Catherine de Lasa, Carole Gourrat
Number of pages: 36


This book is for intermediate readers. This story is told clearly and features several paragraphs per page with beautiful illustrations. You will find dialogue, as well as a richer vocabulary and some terminology related to sailing, as well as names of specific places.

Sample Sentence:
La terre vient de disparaître. Alonzo a le coeur serré :  quand reverra-t-il sa famille?