JE DÉCOUVRE ET JE COMPRENDS: LES INUITS (Discover and Understand: The Inuit)

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Filled with photos, illustrations, and thoughtfully written text by specialists on Indigenous matters, this book is everything you need to discover and understand the richness of the Inuit culture.
From their arrival on Canadian land until today, the Inuits have lots to share.
Author: Michel Noël, Sylvie Roberge 
Illustrator: Célia Nilès 
Number of pages: 36


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. Each page is packed with information but the text is broken up into smaller sections with plenty of images, making it visually appealing and not overwhelming. There is also a glossary at the back of this book (in French) for specific terminology.

Sample Sentence: La chasse est une activité primordiale pour les Inuits: elle permet de se nourrir mais aussi de s’éclairer et de confectionner des moyens de transport.