AZURO LE DRAGON BLEU (Azuro the Blue Dragon)

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Azuro is an adorable blue dragon. But each day, he is mocked by the other dragons at his school. For Azuro is a dragon like no other: for his species, his shiny blue scales are out of the ordinary, and he doesn’t breathe fire, but water…
Abandoned by everyone, Azuro flies off towards the unknown and discovers that elsewhere, his difference can become his strength.
Author/Illustrator: Laurent et Olivier Soutillé - Jérémie Fleury
Number of pages: 32


This book is for a progressing reader. The vocabulary is more developed, but the short sentences and beautiful illustrations make the story accessible for a younger reader.

Sample sentence: À l’école, Azuro subissait chaque jour les moqueries des autres enfants dragons, si bien qu’il ne voulait plus y aller. Tout en le réconfortant, sa maman lui expliqua qu’il le fallait.