5 HISTOIRES D’EXPLORATEURS INCOMPARABLES (5 Stories of Unrivalled Explorers)

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Have you heard of Samuel de Champlain? What about the achievement of Jacques Cartier? Discover the answers to these questions, and many more, in this factual guide which is enhanced by colourful illustrations.
Meet the five biggest explorers who shaped history; exceptional men and women who achieved amazing things which we will remember forever.
At the end of each story, deepen your knowledge with quick facts about each of these explorers.
A simple and concise storybook to learn and love the “History of Here”!  
Author/Illustrator: Camille Bouchard, Nadia Berghella
Number of pages: 36


This book is for intermediate readers. The stories are told clearly and feature several paragraphs per page. You will find dialogue, a richer vocabulary, and terminology related to voyages and expeditions, as well as names of specific places.  

Sample Sentence: Les navires de Jaques Cartier parcourent pour la première fois un fleuve immense: le Saint-Laurent. Ils remontent le courant jusqu’à une place appelé Stadaconé (l’actuelle ville de Québec).