Hi. I’m Tiffany, founder of Bonjour Books, avid reader, teacher, and language enthusiast.

I have been a French Immersion teacher in Ontario for five years, and every year I find myself asking the same question: “Why are French kids' books so hard to find?” and answering the same question from the parents whose children I teach: “How can I help my child if I don’t speak French?”

As a teacher, I know that in order for kids to become life-long learners, they need to be engaged in what they are learning. To become a fluent and avid reader, they need to be interested in what they are reading. They need choice. They need books that are “just right” for where they are in their learning journey. They need guidance.

Learning French in an English-speaking household and an English-speaking community can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. At Bonjour Books, it is our goal to bridge the gap between English and French.    

So, how do we aim to do this?

First, we carefully select high-quality French books that we know your children will enjoy. We then categorized these books into four levels: beginner, progressing, intermediate, and advanced. Each one includes a sample sentence taken from the book for your child to try out. And while our books are in French, the descriptions on our website are in English, making it easy for you to select books based on your child’s interest and reading level.

But what’s more is that with each book, we also send out a FREE Helping Hand. This is an activity or guide to help your child deepen their understanding of what they are reading. Our Helping Hand is in English so you can have a hand in helping too.

Bonjour Books...French books for kids, made easy for English-speaking parents.