LA PETITE ENCYCLOPÉDIE DES COMMENT? (The Little Encyclopedia of How?)

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How do plants grow? How do animals sleep? How does water get to the tap? How are babies made? How does a plane fly? How do pirates fight?
Short, clear, and precise answers to almost 150 questions that kids have about nature, daily life, the human body, and history.
This book features realistic images, the magic of transparent pages, and tons of interesting facts.
At the back of this book, you will find a multiple choice quiz (answers provided) to test your knowledge!
Author: Sophie Lamoureux
Number of pages: 68


This book is suitable for progressing to advanced readers. There are short, concise answers to questions, lots of images, as well as additional facts if you would like to delve deeper in your exploration.

Sample Sentence: Comment est fait le pain? Pour faire du pain, il faut de la farine, de l’eau, du sel, de levain (la levure du boulanger) et beaucoup du travail.