JE DÉCOUVRE ET JE COMPRENDS : L’ESPACE (Discover and Understand: Space)

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Erik has his head in the clouds! As he closely studies our solar system, he takes us on an adventure to explore space. Filled with photos, illustrations, and thoughtfully written texts which have been verified by specialized scientists, this book is all you need to discover and understand the universe that surrounds us.
From the Big Bang to space tourism, space has much to teach.
Author/Illustrator: Jean-Michel Billioud, Benjamin Strickler
Number of pages: 48


This book is for intermediate to advanced readers. Each page is packed with information but the text is broken up into smaller sections with plenty of images, making it visually appealing and not overwhelming.  

Sample Sentence:
Une supernova est l’explosion d’une étoile qui, pendant un temps, peut briller plus vivement qu’une galaxie entière composée de centaines de milliards d’étoiles.