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Words of Affirmation (en français) for this Valentine's Day


In his book, The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman outlines that there are five ways (or languages) that we express love, including physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation. Most people have a primary love language, meaning that it is their preferred way to give and receive love. People also like to receive love in the same language that they show love. This means that if I like to show my love by sayings words of affirmation, it also means that I want to hear words of affirmation to know that I am loved. 

This can apply to romantic love as much as familial love. Take a moment to think about your child. Are they constantly holding your hand or sitting on your lap? Do they pick you flowers or draw you pictures? Do they tell you often how much they love you? Do they try to help you out around the house? Or do they love to do activities with you and spend time together? Most likely they do all of the above, but you may notice that they do one or two more frequently than others.

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we thought about how this holiday has long been associated with words of affirmation. It's a time to slow down, to take the time to tell your loved ones how much you care through a hand-written note or a valentine. And, what better way to share your words of affirmation than in French, the language of love?

To help you spread the love this Valentine's Day, we've created these FREE downloadable Valentine cards! Sneak one into your child's lunch bag, leave on their pillow, or use them for a treasure hunt! They will love to read these words of affirmation. You can also give them to your children to share with their siblings, grandparents, friends, and loved ones. 

Share the love this year en français! 

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