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It’s the end of August. For many kids, that statement can be met with a mixed bag of emotions: eagerness, worry, hope, excitement, nervousness, etc. (more commonly known as the back-to-school jitters). As parents/caring adults, you probably feel many of the same emotions as your little ones gear up for a new school year. You prepare your kids the best way you can.  Healthy lunches are packed along with new pencil crayons, scented markers, and the latest trending toy, but you can’t help but wonder and worry what the year will bring. We thought to ourselves…what can help to make the back-to-school...

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Growth Mindset - you might have heard the term popping up at your child’s school, or it might be completely new to you. Either way, here’s a breakdown of what Growth Mindset is, what failure has to do with it, and why we believe it is crucial in learning a new language.

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